IDPH Declares Medical Study to Investigate Severe Maternal Morbidity

January 16, 2019


IDPH Declares Medical Study to Investigate Severe Maternal Morbidity

In a message to hospital CEO’s last week, the Illinois Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) declared a Medical Study to look at the issue of severe maternal morbidity. This study was prompted by 2016 and 2017 data showing that there were over 3,500 Illinois women who experienced severe maternal morbidity.

As part of this study, IDPH will request from each Regionalized Perinatal Network at least one set of medical records for a woman who has experienced severe maternal morbidity, as well as the corresponding abstract created by the hospital and a completed severe maternal morbidity review form. IDPH seeks this information to better understand the patient, provider, facility and other factors leading to these incidences so that policies can be developed to reduce cases and improve patient outcome. IDPH will provide further updates as they determine the timeframe and steps for collection of this information.

The IDPH cover memo, medical study declaration and severe maternal morbidity form can be reviewed here. If you have questions about this declaration, please contact either Shannon Lightner ( or Tanya Dworkin ( from the IDPH Office of Women’s Health and Family Services.

If you have any other questions, please contact Lance Kovacs at IHA.