Neonatal Intensive Care Beds Final Rule

February 22, 2017

Final Rule Reinstates Exemption Requirements for Projects Involving Neonatal Intensive Care Beds

In a recent notice of Adopted Rules to the Illinois Register, the Health Facilities and Services Review Board (HFSRB) reinstated exemption requirements for projects involving neonatal intensive care beds. 

Exemption requirements had been removed with the intention that HFSRB would require projects involving neonatal intensive care beds to apply for a permit. Without the new permitting requirement, it was necessary for the Board to reinstate this section of the rules. 

Other changes in the adopted rule include:

  • Clarifying when adjustments to the Inventory occur for discontinuation projects; and
  • Updating the definition “substantially changes the scope or changes the functional operation of the facility.”

The full adopted rule can be found on pages 2043-2067.