Supplier Diversity Reporting on the Annual Hospital Questionnaire

Supplier Diversity Reporting on the Annual Hospital Questionnaire
Frequently Asked Questions

Under the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act, certain hospitals are required to complete the supplier diversity reporting section of the Annual Hospital Questionnaire (AHQ).

This document serves as a tool for hospitals and systems who are reporting their construction-related capital expenditure goal and actual spending for female-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned and small business enterprises.

Q.    Who needs to report?
A.    Hospitals in Illinois with more than 100 licensed beds must report as part of their AHQ.

Note: A healthcare system may develop a system-wide annual report that includes all hospitals in order to comply with this requirement. If a healthcare system chooses this option, the system should note that it is the reporting entity.

Q.    What information should be reported?
A.    Hospital goals and actual spend for construction-related capital expenditures above the threshold (currently $350,000) that would be normally reported as part of the AHQ. Hospitals can choose to include projects that fall below the required threshold, if they so choose. Hospitals may include contractors and subcontractors as part of their goal and actual spend. The goal and actual spend should be expressed as a percentage of your total capital spend. Note: In order to be as inclusive as possible, hospitals may report projects that fall below the $350,000 threshold if they so choose.

Detail the type or types of construction-related capital expenditures for which the hospital will seek supplier diversity in the next year. Outline a plan to alert and encourage supplier diversity for the next year’s projects. Note: A list of organizations that represent and certify women, veteran and minority owned businesses can be found on the IHA Supplier Diversity page. Provide a list of the certifications the hospital recognizes, a hospital point of contact for diverse vendors and a process that vendors can enroll as a diverse vendor with your organization.

Q.    How should hospitals calculate their capital spend? What should be included?
A.    Types of projects that should be included are: the erection, building, alteration, reconstruction, modernization, improvement, extension or demolition of or by a hospital.  Note: Hospitals should take a broad look at their projects to see where there might have been diverse vendors. Diverse vendors could be second or third party contractors on a project and still qualify for reporting, e.g. furniture or new equipment for modernization projects.