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Checklist for Price Inquiries

Since the 1980s, Illinois law has required hospitals to make available to prospective patients information on the normal charge incurred for any procedure or operation the prospective patient is considering, as well as post current charges for 18 specific services. See IHA's checklist for price inquiries (password required).

Summaries of Laws and Regulations

Public Charges

The Affordable Care Act requires hospitals to make public the hospital's standard charges for items and services they provide. Hospitals are allowed to either make public a list of their charges—their charge master or another form of their choice—or their policy for the public to view a list of those charges.

IRS Section 510(r)

Nonprofit hospitals cannot charge patients eligible for financial assistance more than the amounts generally billed to patients with health insurance. Read about the specific requirements for financial assistance policies and collection and about conducting community health needs assessments.

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