Corticosteroids to treat severe cases of COVID-19: 'It does confirm what we've been doing'

On Sept. 2, the World Health Organization published guidance for the use of corticosteroids when treating COVID-19. This guidance is the result of a meta-analysis of seven different studies, which looked at how effective steroids were In treating the virus. For local hospitals, many which have used steroids for several weeks to treat severely ill COVID-19 patients, this news doesn’t change their treatment plan, for now, at least. “But it does confirm what we’ve been doing,” said Dr. Philip J. Cozzi, medical director of critical care for Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. “It’s nice to know there’s an effective intervention.” Cozzi recalled an early study that showed 6 milligrams of the steroid dexamethasone for 10 days improved the mortality rate of hospitalized patients. That now is part of the standard dosing regimen.