How do hospitals educate patients about vaccination? 3 hospital execs weigh in

The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is a complex process toward which the public often feels confused and distrustful. Hospitals and health systems serve as hubs for reliable information about public health, and many patients turn to them to better understand how they should go about their lives amid the pandemic. Here, three health system leaders discuss their plans to educate patients on COVID-19 vaccination…Sanjeeb Khatua, MD, chief physician executive and COVID-19 incident commander, Edward-Elmhurst Health: We discussed vaccine education Wednesday, Sept. 9 in our COVID-19 steering committee. We brought together a multidisciplinary group (vaccine task force) that will analyze the science, ability to procure, storage and safety, protocols around operationalizing immunization administration for internal stakeholders, as well as communications/marketing to our internal stakeholders.