IHA Daily Briefing: Aug. 4

Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022
Antibiotic Stewardship Program for Hospitals, LTCFs
Federal EO Issued on Reproductive Health Services
Webinar: MPV Care and Access to COVID Treatment
Hemodialysis Catheters Recalled Due to Defect
Illinois COVID-19 Update
Briefly Noted

Antibiotic Stewardship Program for Hospitals, LTCFs
Chicago Internal Medicine and Research (CIMPAR) has partnered with the Illinois Dept. of Public Health on a free virtual learning series launching later this month to highlight antibiotic stewardship. All Illinois hospitals are welcome to join the upcoming series focused on expanding provider knowledge and providing information practices related to prescribing antibiotics, improving patient knowledge of appropriate antibiotic use, and reducing inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and use.

This initiative features ECHO-structured training and education sessions on antimicrobial prescribing and responsible stewardship. Monthly virtual sessions will be available on the last Thursday of each month, and will feature live didactic instruction, case study and discussion. The sessions will be led by subject matter experts in pharmacy, medicine and nursing, and conducted in an engaging, multidisciplinary environment.

In a continuum to the series, three regional, in-person sessions will also be held in northern, central and southern Illinois. Participants at the individual or facility level will benefit from a well-rounded practical approach to improving prescribing practices.

Register now for the program, which serves to improve healthcare equity and assess community healthcare needs through increased access to healthcare providers statewide. For more information contact CIMPAR at 708-665-1826 or ASP@cimpar.com.

Federal EO Issued on Reproductive Health Services
Citing the “legal uncertainty and disparate access to reproductive healthcare depending on where a person lives” due to the ongoing passage of restrictive abortion laws across the nation, yesterday President Biden issued an Executive Order (EO) instructing the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to take further action to protect access to reproductive healthcare services.

This would include support for women traveling to seek abortion procedures in states where it remains legal. The EO also instructs HHS to take action to improve research, data collection and data analysis as relates to the impact of access to reproductive healthcare on maternal and other health outcomes.

The EO also underscores the need to assist healthcare providers to ensure they comply with federal non-discrimination laws related to obtaining medical care. Specifically, the EO suggests:

  • Providing technical assistance for healthcare providers who have questions concerning their obligations under federal non-discrimination laws;
  • Convening healthcare providers to provide information on their obligations under federal non-discrimination laws and the potential consequences of non-compliance; and
  • Issuing additional guidance, or taking other action as appropriate, in response to any complaints or other reports of non-compliance with federal non-discrimination laws.

The EO was signed during the first meeting of the Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access, established in July. This is the second EO that the Biden Administration has issued with respect to reproductive health. The first EO was issued on July 8.

Webinar: MPV Care and Access to COVID Treatment
The Illinois Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) will host a monkeypox webinar, “Urgent Public Health Updates: MPV Care and Access to COVID Treatment,” on Aug. 16 from noon to 1 p.m. To register for the webinar, click here.

During the event, experts will provide an update on the monkeypox virus as well as COVID-19 therapeutics. Dr. Vidya Sundareshan from SIU Medicine will join as a panelist to discuss efforts standing up a COVID test-to-treat telehealth initiative at SIU.

Presenters leading the webinar include:

  • Dr. Arti Barnes, Chief Medical Officer, IDPH; and
  • Dr. Vidya Sundareshan, Professor and Chief, Infectious Diseases, SIU School of Medicine.

 To watch an earlier IDPH presentation about the monkeypox virus, click here. To view the slides from the presentation, click here.

Hemodialysis Catheters Recalled Due to Defect
Covidien, LLC has recalled Palindrome and Mahurkar Hemodialysis Catheters due to a catheter hub defect.

The Palindrome and Mahurkar catheters are implanted as part of certain treatments and technologies. These include hemodialysis, a treatment to filter waste and water from your blood; apheresis, a technology that separates donated blood components to treat certain illnesses; and infusion, a method of putting fluids into the bloodstream.

However, a potential leaking condition has been found in the hub of specific chronic dialysis catheters, which could lead to increased recirculation and poor dialysis. This could then result in the development of thrombi and emboli.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this is a Class I recall, which is the most serious type of recall because the use of the devices may cause serious injuries or death. The FDA noted that there has been one complaint issued in response to this defect, and no reports of death or injury.

More than 1.03 million of these devices distributed between June 28, 2017 and May 11, 2022 have been recalled in the U.S. Click here for more information on the reason for the recall, affected parties and recommended response.

Illinois COVID-19 Update
The Illinois Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) today reported 4,149 new confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases and 24 COVID-19 deaths.

Most recent IDPH hospitalization data show 1,416 individuals in Illinois were reported to be in the hospital with COVID-19. Of those, 135 patients were in the ICU and 56 patients were on ventilators.

The seven-day rolling average of vaccines administered daily in Illinois is 9,908 doses. IDPH reported that 78.1% of Illinoisans (18 years and older) have been fully vaccinated, while 86.3% have received at least one vaccination dose. For the Illinois population 12 years and older, 77% have been fully vaccinated, while 85% have received at least one vaccination dose. For the Illinois population 5 years and older, 73.6% have been fully vaccinated and 81.3% have received at least one dose.

Briefly Noted
The Health Resources and Services Administration’s Bureau of Health Workforce recently released a data dashboard that allows users to find detailed demographic information for nearly 40 healthcare occupations, providing users with insights into the diversity of the U.S. health workforce. The information comes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey that provides five-year estimates on a number of demographic variables. The dashboard is one of several resources and data tools available on the U.S. healthcare workforce.