Their View: Mercyhealth is 100% committed to the Rockford region

We are living in unprecedented times burdened with tough choices no one wants to make. We remain extraordinarily proud of and thankful for how hard our Mercyhealth employees/partners are working to keep us safe and provide exceptional health care services. Mercyhealth is 100% committed to the Rockford region and the remarkable people in our community. The idea that we are trying to close the Rockton campus systematically is the furthest thing from the truth. Misinformation as such saddens our exceptional physicians and employees/partners who provide superior services and health care. We have invested over $50 million in renovations to the Rockton campus to continue the vast array of outpatient hospital and clinic services. These include surgery services and full operating rooms, cancer services, our newly renovated endoscopy center, our recently remodeled orthopedic institute, and more. We will also be adding a new 17-bed subacute unit at the Rockton hospital to care for patients who no longer need hospital care but are not yet ready for a nursing home environment.