Quality Advocacy Showcase Submission Form

We’re thrilled your organization is interested in participating in the 2019 IHA Quality Advocacy Showcase in April. The showcase is nothing without our members—and is an important opportunity for hospitals and health systems to connect with legislators.
As you work through the submission form, please use the resources below as needed. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Provide your organization's name as it should appear on the poster.
Provide a contact person who can answer any questions about your submission.
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Use a short phrase to identify the issue your project addressed. Examples: "Improving mental health services," "Reducing 30-day readmissions for high-risk patients," and "Engaging employees in performance improvement." (67 characters max)
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Describe the project in one sentence with bullet points. Example: "Multidisciplinary teams implemented several interventions, including:" Identify those interventions as bullet points. Spell out acronyms (e.g. HAI, RCA and CLABSIs). (350 characters max)
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Projects can be completed or ongoing, but should not have started before January 2016.
Use the following format: $0,000,000.
Describe your organization's investment in the project. See our tip sheet above. (23 characters max)
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Use the following format: $0,000,000. Cumulative savings over per-episode savings will have a greater impact. See our tip sheet above.
Describe your organization's cost savings. See our tip sheet above. (19 characters max)
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List the top three project benefits to patients, family members and the community. Do not include benefits to your organization. (56 characters max per line)
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