Action Needed: COVID-19 Advocacy Alert

March 18, 2020

Members of Congress are currently drafting a third COVID-19 response bill, which is expected pass in the coming days. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the Senate will not adjourn until it completes work on a bipartisan bill. The U.S. House could call a vote within 24 hours of Senate passage. IHA is urgently requesting that direct funding and support for hospitals and health systems be included, among other priorities.

Members are asked to contact your Representatives and Senators and urge them to include direct funding and support for hospitals in the third COVID-19 response legislation. Illinois hospitals are on the front lines of this public health emergency and must have a direct infusion of funds to remain viable and combat this public health emergency, and preserve $365 million in weekly pay and benefits for front-line healthcare workers as hospital revenues plummet.

To look up your Senators’ and Representatives’ contact information, click here and fill in your local information in the “Find Politicians” box.  To send email messages to your members of Congress, click here.