Addressing Physician Compensation During COVID-19

April 15, 2020

With physicians working hard to care for COVID-19 patients, IHA Strategic Partner Gallagher Insurance Point is offering resources to support leadership decision making on physician compensation.

Gallagher, based in Rolling Meadows, encourages hospitals and health systems to focus on physician well-being above all. Recommended physician compensation practices are:

  • Prioritize health and safety;   
  • Use existing policies and procedures before adopting new ones;   
  • Think about compensation decisions in the context of your broader strategy and philosophy;   
  • Examine where base draws are set for physicians compensated on productivity models and consider realigning them based on projected volumes for the next three to six months; and   
  • Take a wait and see approach to determine financial feasibility after the crisis ends.

Visit Gallagher’s pandemic preparedness webpage for information to prepare your hospital or health system and your employees for any disease outbreak, including COVID-19.

As a leader in employee benefits and human resources consulting, Gallagher provides innovative, data-driven solutions specifically for healthcare. See an IHA video to learn more about Gallagher Insurance Point.