Ask Congress: Include Hospitals in Next COVID-19 Legislation

July 15, 2020

Congress is working on the next COVID-19 relief legislation.  Members are urged to contact their U.S. Senators and Representatives (send emails by clicking here) and ask them to support important policies in the legislation, including:

  • Additional Resources for Hospitals. Congress should direct additional, direct relief funds to hospitals, which are not only coping with a public health crisis, but also a financial crisis.   
  • Limited Liability Protections. Congress should safeguard frontline providers from legal action by implementing a limited waiver of liability for hospitals and healthcare professionals during the nationally designated COVID-19 emergency.   
  • Loan Forgiveness/Improved Repayment Terms for the Medicare Accelerated/Advance Payment Program. Congress should consider loan forgiveness and, at a minimum, take action to significantly improve the repayment requirements.   
  • Expanded Health Coverage. Congress should subsidize COBRA costs; open a special enrollment period for marketplace coverage; and increase eligibility for federal marketplace subsidies.
  • Federal Support for Healthcare Heroes. Congress should provide additional resources to front-line caregivers and essential workers, such as support for child care, housing, transportation and bonus pay.   
  • Extend and Increase FMAP. Congress should extend and boost the federal matching assistance percentage an additional 5.8 percentage points from Jan 1, 2020 through Sept. 30, 2021.   
  • Expand Telehealth. Congress should permanently extend flexibilities enacted during the pandemic, including lifting of geographic and originating site restrictions.

For more information, see IHA’s list of COVID-19 legislative priorities here, IHA’s letter to the Illinois Congressional delegation here, an infographic here and advocacy alert here.