CARES Act General Distribution Portal Readiness Delay

April 27, 2020

IHA has learned that the General Distribution Portal has not yet been updated to reflect the provider information required per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) instructions that accompanied the payments from the second tranche distribution under the CARES Act.

Providers that received funds from the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund were instructed to submit their revenue information to HHS through the General Distribution Portal in order to receive and/or verify the payments they received from the general distribution fund. HHS published a user guide for providers, outlining the process of requesting or confirming additional funds. The user guide states that HHS is asking providers to supply information from IRS tax filings and to supply estimates of lost revenues in March and April 2020.

However, the portal has not yet been updated to receive that information. IHA will keep  members informed as further information becomes available. IHA suggests providers continue to check the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund website or call the CARES Provider Relief line at 866-569-3522.