Enhance Your Workplace Technology with IHA Partner

June 22, 2020

Hospitals aren’t designed for remote work, yet in the age of COVID-19 some hospital employees have shifted from their high-contact, highly collaborative work environment to home offices. IHA Strategic Partner Gallagher Insurance Point is here to guide hospital leaders through the transition to and from remote work.

Some of the most pressing questions include how to:

  • Implement the proper technology;
  • Execute change in stressful time; and
  • How to move forward effectively.

Gallagher Insurance Point, based in Rolling Meadows, has a team of experts focused on human resources (HR) benefits technology. As part of its work, the team offers its HR Technology Pulse Survey, which collected data from 562 organizations between June and July 2019. Over 4,000 organizations contributed to the broad-scope survey.

IHA members can received the full 2019 report by completing the survey’s 15 questions. The report shares the experiences of HR leaders, covering four urgent issues and priorities:

  • Increasing their technology investments;   
  • Getting budget support through alignment with organizational priorities;   
  • Executing projects successfully; and·   
  • Ensuring strategic value from key HR systems.

The report also offers best practices and a data-driven perspective on HR technology trends. You can access the executive summary. See an IHA video to learn more about Gallagher Insurance Point, leader in employee benefits and human resources consulting.