IHA Emergency Preparedness Exercise

Experience is the best teacher. IHA’s annual Emergency Preparedness Exercise simulates a realistic emergency scenario for hospital and health system staff. The expert-led interactive webinar helps IHA members fortify their preparedness plans and procedures—before a real crisis strikes.

Emergency preparedness 

The annual Emergency Preparedness Exercise is designed to:

  • Build capacity and capability to prepare for and respond to incidents that stress normal hospital daily operations;
  • Discuss healthcare safety challenges with peers around the state; and
  • Achieve compliance with various regulatory and accreditation bodies.

We survey our members each year to ensure the exercise topic is timely and aligned with advocacy, quality and safety initiatives. IHA members have needs: We customize objectives and tasks to meet the individual facility, system or regional needs. Past exercises have focused on an array of timely topics including mass casualty incidents, active shooter and cyberattacks.  

Learn About Past Exercises: