IHA Leadership Webinar Aug. 6: Strategize on Health Equity

July 28, 2020

To reduce health disparities, Dayna Bowen Matthew, JD, PhD, believes in a multidisciplinary approach where healthcare workers, lawyers and policymakers work together.

During an Aug. 6 IHA webinar, “How Hospitals and Health Systems Can Lead a 'Quiet Revolution' for Healing During a Pandemic," Matthew will boldly explore the unique role healthcare providers can play in improving health equity.

Matthew's career as a legal scholar and public health expert—spanning three decades—has focused on racial disparities in healthcare. She is currently dean of George Washington University Law School, as well as director of the University of Virginia's Equity Center. Matthew is also co-founder of the Colorado Health Equity Project, which unites medical and legal professionals to improve health for low-income patients.

In next week's IHA webinar, from noon to 1 p.m., Matthew will empower C-suite and department leaders to make progress on the pervasive problem of health disparities.

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