National COVID-19 Update

May 12, 2020

Current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) figures show more than 1.34 million confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. in 55 states and U.S. territories, with 80,820 deaths. New York state leads the nation with more than 336,000 cases, followed by New Jersey which has more than 139,000 cases. Illinois now ranks third nationwide, surpassing Massachusetts, with more than 79,000 cases. There are 26 states reporting more than 10,000 cases of COVID-19.

The CDC has released a video explaining how COVID-19 can spread in a community. The video features a cluster of COVID-19 cases from Chicago as its example. The CDC also issued new funeral guidance for individuals and families, updated guidance for business and employers responding to COVID-19, information for schools and child care programs, strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19, daily life and coping, and test for current infection.

The latest WHO situation report shows more than 4 million COVID-19 cases globally, with over 283,000 deaths. The European Region leads the world in cases and deaths, with more than 1.75 million confirmed cases with over 157,000 deaths. The Region of the Americas (includes the U.S.) follows, reporting more than 1.74 million cases and more than 104,000 deaths.