Non-Veteran Services Available at VA Medical Centers

May 14, 2020

Three Veterans Administration Medical Centers (VAMCs) are offering long-term care for non-veterans who need such care after an acute care hospital stay related to COVID-19). They are: Hines VAMC (Maywood), Lovell Federal Health Care Center (North Chicago) and VA Illiana (Danville).

In addition, three VAMCs are offering care for non-veterans needing medical/surgical ward-level care or Intensive Care Unit-level care: Hines VAMC (Maywood), Jesse Brown VAMC (Illinois Medical District) and Marion VAMC (Marion County, Southern Illinois).

The availability of the services for non-veterans is on a first-come, first-served basis when an individual meets criteria for the services these centers can offer.

Patient referrals are by email only to the VISN 12 Triage Team at See IHA’s resource document for more information, including details on the referral process.