Submit Your Unsung Heroes to IHA for Recognition During COVID-19 Updates

November 20, 2020


Who are the unsung heroes in your hospital? Governor J.B. Pritzker and Dr. Ngozi Ezike want to recognize healthcare heroes from across the state during their weekday COVID-19 press briefings.

Please send IHA a short summary of the individual(s) to thank publicly. State officials would like the following specifics per submission:

  • Name/role/title—ICU nurse, attending physician, infection preventionist, occupational therapist, etc.;
  • Organization name and location, both city and county;
  • Brief description of the individual’s work/efforts related to COVID-19;
  • Contact information for the individual—name, phone number and email.

State officials might not contact the individuals who will be recognized but would like their contact information in case it’s needed. Also note: These individuals would not need to attend or speak at the press briefing. They would simply be mentioned. 

Here are submission examples to follow:

  • Jane Doe is a nurse at Acme Clinic in southern Illinois who has been working roughly 70 hours a week, 6 days a week since the pandemic began. Despite the toll it takes on her, she continues to be dedicated to caring for her patients—both those with COVID-19 and those suffering other illnesses and injuries.
  • John Doe is a doctor at Acme Hospital who has seen people come into the emergency department with COVID-19 struggling to breathe and needing intubation. He has watched patients improve and go home, but has also witnessed patients who did not survive. Dr. Doe has seen the number of people in the hospital with COVID-19 increase within the past several weeks, as well as staff who need to stay home and quarantine because of exposure. 

With COVID-19 cases reaching record highs recently, Governor Pritzker and Dr. Ezike want to acknowledge the valiant, sustained efforts of healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic for their dedication, hard work and sacrifice. We also applaud your perseverance during this unprecedented time.

IHA will also feature the unsung heroes from hospitals and health systems on our website as part of “Don’t Let Your Guard Down. Keep Your Mask Up.”—our statewide campaign to urge the public’s help in stopping the spread of COVID-19. We would also like to include a photo, if you have one, but this isn’t necessary.

Please send your unsung hero submissions to IHA.