Data Reporting and Measures

Please see the HQIC Hospital Summary Report Analysis Guide to assist you in interpreting the HQIC data reports.

IHA HQIC members can also boost their data knowledge with these resources:

Professionals reviewing dataHQIC Encyclopedia of Measures: View the most recent version of the HQIC Encyclopedia of Measures, which contains information about each of the IHA HQIC measures, the data sources, numerator and denominator definitions, and background information for each measure. It has been developed as an informational resource for Cynosure HQIC hospitals.

SHARP Hospital Data Submission Tool: Illinois HQIC hospitals will have access to the SHARP Hospital Data Submission Tool to submit Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) Measures. These include:

  • Excessive anticoagulation with warfarin
  • Hypoglycemia in inpatients receiving insulin
  • ADEs due to opioids
  • Surgical discharges with 12 or fewer opioid pills prescribed
  • Overall opioid use in the emergency department

The remaining HQIC measures will be collected through existing National Safety Healthcare Network (NHSN) and administrative claims data. 

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