Midwest Alliance For Patient Safety

The Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) is a federally certified Patient Safety Organization (PSO) that helps its members save lives and reduce harm. MAPS resources help mitigate risk.

Group of clinicians

An engaged PSO community, MAPS has a diverse membership focused on patient safety across the continuum of care. MAPS has been federally certified since 2010 and is an IHA company. We provide:

  • Full federal legal privilege and confidentiality protections
  • Secure adverse event data collection solutions
  • Peer networking and collaborative learning
  • Patient safety improvement tools and customized support

MAPS White Paper


Patient Safety Focus: Top 10 Safety Issues for 2020 is a white paper from MAPS PSO that outlines evidence-based recommendations and strategies to enhance patient safety and care delivery. Non-MAPS members can purchase this essential document to use in their quality improvement efforts.

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