Hospitals Engaging Patients and Families

With Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) an important tool in quality improvement, hospitals and health systems across Illinois have developed Patient and Family Advisory Councils or incorporated PFE principles in other ways. You can learn about their efforts in our virtual gallery of posters.

This gallery of 24 hospital and health system posters was displayed at the 2019 IHA Leadership Summit. The posters identify:

  • The vital role of leadership in supporting patient and family engagement;
  • How hospitals are incorporating the patient voice to enhance care;
  • The accomplishments of each organization; and
  • The minimal investment required for maximum impact.

IHA works closely with members on engaging patients and families. Our Patient and Family Engagement Steering Committee is comprised of 35 staff members from 26 IHA-member organizations. If your organization has not yet begun working on PFE, please contact us for support in developing effective partnerships with your patients and families.