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Making Fitness Fun with the CATCH Program

School hallways in Lincoln were abuzz with chatter as students prepared for a highly anticipated Color Run—a mile run in which runners are decorated with multicolored powder. The event was promoted by the Lincoln Memorial Hospital Community Health Collaborative for their participating CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Schools.

“The students really enjoyed the exercise and being splashed with color,” said Angie Whiteman, a Community Health Collaborative Specialist at Lincoln Memorial Hospital (formerly Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital). The kids’ excitement was so contagious that some parents participated with their children.

The CATCH Program is funded by the hospital's Foundation, and is active in more than 10 schools in Logan County and eastern Mason County. After identifying obesity as a priority health need during its 2015 community health needs assessment, the hospital decided to do its part in teaching healthy habits in school and at home.

Using evidence-based practices, school administration, classroom teachers, support staff and parent leaders work together to encourage healthy eating and active lifestyles for over 3,000 students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

The kids do yoga, cardio workouts, activity breaks during the school day and outside walks—the idea is to get them moving while also having fun. The schools also incorporate common CATCH language to teach the children good food choices and incorporate health into school curriculum.