IHA Launches 2023 Racial Equity in Healthcare Progress Report

Measuring progress toward health equity is critical to ensuring all patients can achieve the best possible health outcomes. Today, IHA launched the 2023 Racial Equity in Healthcare Progress Report (Progress Report) as we continue to support members on their health equity journey.

Offered for the third straight year, the Progress Report is a quality improvement tool to track advancement toward health equity within and across hospitals and health systems. We encourage all IHA members to complete this year’s Progress Report assessment survey, which uses a simple web-based form to input responses to 34 questions.

To assist your organization in completing the form, IHA has developed:

  • A comprehensive Progress Report Guidance Document that covers the structure of the Progress Report, process recommendations, a description of key composite metrics, along with resources and terminology; and

  • A Progress Report Planning Form, which allows your team to draft and compile your responses, then input them into this fillable PDF before entering them into the online assessment survey.

The deadline to submit your organization’s 2023 Progress Report assessment survey is October 17. IHA will lead a complimentary, half-hour webinar on the submission process on September 27 at noon. The webinar will answer common questions that arise during the submission process, as well as highlight the benefits of completing the Progress Report. Click here to register.

The Progress Report looks at health equity through four lenses—our people, our organization, our patients and our community—to help focus your efforts. While the report centers on racial health equity, all hospitals will benefit from completing it, no matter the racial/ethnic makeup of the communities you serve. See our Progress Report flyer to learn more.

After submitting the Progress Report assessment survey, in early 2024, your organization will receive an analytic report with results that can be used to guide your health equity efforts in the year ahead.

Achieving maximum participation among IHA members is essential to understanding opportunities to enhance health equity in your own organization. It is crucial that as many hospitals as possible complete the assessment this year. The more hospitals that participate, the more information we’ll have on how to move forward with our strategy to reduce health disparities across Illinois.

IHA encourages all members to participate in this year’s Progress Report, whether it’s your first, second or third time. Individually and as a hospital community, we are at a pivotal point in understanding how much we’ve accomplished in just a few years and where we go next.

IHA will not share individual hospital data submitted for the Progress Report with anyone outside of the submitting organization, without its permission.
The 2023 Illinois Progress Report will include a voluntary opt-in to the National Racial Equity in Healthcare Progress Report Pilot (National Pilot) for hospitals that would like to participate in both. The National Pilot is funded through a grant from the Commonwealth Fund and is led by Rush University Medical Center (RUSH) and University of Chicago Medical Center (UChicago). 

Organizations that opt in to the National Pilot will receive both statewide and national benchmarking reports. All responses will be treated as confidential by the National Pilot and no individually identifiable information will be released without your expressed, written permission. However, National Pilot coordinators, RUSH and UChicago, may share de-identified aggregate data derived from your answers in an effort to validate this tool.

Please direct questions about the Progress Report to HealthEquity@team-iha.org.