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Many patients face barriers to health access and care—which your organization can address through programs and services. Engage with these tools and trainings to strengthen your equity efforts.

Feb 26, 2021

Inequality in the doctor’s office: How local physicians are working to expand diversity, care

“Everything that happened in our family, Dr. Ansell was there.” West Side residents share stories of receiving charitable care with a personal touch at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Jan 01, 0001

AHA: Addressing Health Care Disparities through Race, Ethnicity and Language (REaL) Data

Race, Ethnicity and Language (REaL) data allows hospital and health systems to better understand and care for patients. Get strategies and pointers in this AHA resource.

Jan 01, 0001

AHA: How Advancing Racial Equity Can Create Business Value

Initiatives to reduce disparities can simultaneously improve your organization's performance. National experts share their insight in this AHA webinar.

Jan 01, 0001

AHA’s Data-Driven Care Delivery: Data Collection, Stratification and Use

Evidence-based practices can help your organization collect and stratify data to improve patient outcomes. AHA's toolkit has relevant metrics, case studies and more.

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AHA’s Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Measures for Hospitals and Health System Dashboards

Designed for interdisciplinary teams, this resource contains measures to integrate into existing data dashboards. You'll also find strategies to engage stakeholders in equity efforts.

Jan 01, 0001

America’s Essential Hospitals’ Resources on Structural Racism

To support essential hospitals and their partners in advancing population health. America's Essential Hospitals has compiled resource and promising practices on addressing structural racism.

Jan 01, 0001

CDC’s Social Determinants of Health

Where people live, learn, work and play affects their health and quality of life. CDC shares resources for social determinant of health data, research, tools for action, programs, and policy.

Jan 01, 0001

Healthcare Anchor Network

Find out how this national collaboration of 60 leading healthcare systems is building more inclusive and sustainable local economies.

Jan 01, 0001

Healthcare Anchor Network: Local Hiring Pathways

Watch this video for valuable insight into building a pipeline to a healthy community. The video's toolkit will help you establish a local and inclusive hiring strategy.

Jan 01, 0001

Healthcare Anchor Network: Readiness Checklist

Does your purchasing program maximize local and inclusive sourcing opportunities? Assess your institution by completing this comprehensive checklist.

Jan 01, 0001

Increasing Supplier Diversity in Health Care

The Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management’s guide to increasing supplier diversity features action steps, planning tools and case studies.

Jan 01, 0001

National Academy of Medicine: An Equity Agenda for the Field of Health Care Quality Improvement

The National Academy of Medicine presents an agenda – created with input from healthcare quality leaders – to position equity at the center of discussions on healthcare quality improvement. 

Jan 01, 0001

Racial Equity Action Plans: A How-to Manual

The Government Alliance on Race & Equity works to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all. Review their action plan on enacting meaningful change.

Jan 01, 0001

Racial Health Equity and Anti-Racist Action Plans

Refine your organization's strategy by reviewing this compilation of existing racial health equity action plansfeaturing initiatives at the neighborhood, community and city level.

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SOGI – The Most Important Terms to Know

Knowledge of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) terminology can contribute to a respectful, inclusive environment. Renown Health's blog post will walk you through key terms.

Jan 01, 0001

The New England Journal of Medicine: How Structural Racism Works

The New England Journal of Medicine identifies and explores the racist policies as the root cause of racial health inequities in the U.S. Read the full report.