Our Patients

With a focus on the patient experience, these tools will help your team evaluate patient safety and health outcomes to reveal underlying disparities and implement care improvement projects.

Mar 31, 2021

National Institutes of Health Minority Health and Health Disparities Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Charged with leading scientific research to improve minority health and reduce disparities, NIMHD developed the NIH Minority Health and Health Disparities Strategic Plan with various stakeholders.

Mar 05, 2021

A Bold Vision for a Legislative Pathway Toward Health and Economic Equity

The House Ways and Means Committee's Racial Equity Initiative puts forth this framework highlighting the policy proposals and pillars to advance equity in the U.S.

Mar 05, 2021

Something Must Change: Inequities in U.S. Policy and Society

This report from the House Committee on Ways & Means examines inequities in U.S. policies and society, specifically related to health, economic equity, social well-being and structural racism.

Jan 01, 0001

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: What Is Patient Experience?

Patient experience is different from patient satisfaction. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality dives into this topic and its relevance to care delivery and quality. 

Jan 01, 0001

AHA: Screening for Social Needs: Guiding Care Teams to Engage Patients”

Non-medical needs can be a barrier to patients' good health. This array of tools and resources will help you tackle social determinants of health in your community. 

Jan 01, 0001

Creating a Toolkit to Reduce Disparities in Patient Engagement

Patient engagement and helath disparities are intertwined, as revealed through a series of interviews and observations. Learn more in a research report from Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.

Jan 01, 0001

IHA’s Charity Care and Financial Assistance Resources

Ensure patients can access needed healthcare and obtain financial assistance. IHA provides charity care information for hospitals and health systems. 

Jan 01, 0001

Patient and Family Engaged Care: An Essential Element of Health Equity

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) emphasizes health equity as a key factor in building a culture of patient and family engaged care. Read more in a discussion paper from NAM.

Jan 01, 0001

Summary of Biden Administration’s Racial Equity and Sexual Orientation Executive Orders

See a summary of the Biden Administration's Executive Orders on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government.