Strategic Partners

Our partners offer solutions that complement our Human Capital Performance services. We’ve partnered with companies that can reduce hospital costs.

Medical Solutions

For hospitals and health systems, workforce management is an area with significant opportunities to achieve cost savings. IHA Strategic Partner Medical Solutions is a leading provider of workforce solutions with a proven track record of helping Illinois hospitals, as well as hospitals nationwide, streamline the staffing process and improve performance.

As a managed services provider (MSP), Medical Solutions offers comprehensive, wrapround services designed to deliver quality candidates and whole-house program management. Its Hybrid Recruiting Model:

  • Utilizes the resources of over 400 internal recruiters and over 500 network affiliates;
  • Ensures resources are deployed immediately to find staff who are the best clinical and cultural fit, as well as 100% licensed and compliant; and
  • Helps achieve a 95% traveler completion rate.

Medical Solutions is proud of its 99% client retention rate, a result of the innovative staffing support it provides hospital and health system clients. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, such as of FocusOne Solutions and Aureus Medical, the industry-leading Medical Solutions has over 70 years of combined healthcare staffing experience. See our flyer to learn more about IHA's partnership with Medical Solutions.

In December 2023, Medical Solutions presented a webinar onstrategies to build a sustainable nurse pipeline in hospitals and health systems. You can view "Turning the Tides of Nursing: Recruitment & Retention" using password HiUUuJB5.

A March 2023 Medical Solutions webinar showcased how flexible staffing models can attract underutilized segments of the workforce while streamlining operational processes. You can view "Embracing Innovation Through a Complete Healthcare Talent Ecosystem" on-demand.

Gallagher Insurance Point

Employee benefits and human capital management programs are a high priority and a significant expense for hospitals and health systems. IHA strategic partner Gallagher Insurance Point is a recognized leader and innovator in employee benefits and human resources consulting—and can help drive savings and efficiencies in your organization.

Gallagher Insurance Point can benefit hospitals and health systems through a multitude of ways, but at a high level, takes a two pronged approach:

Insurance PointQuick-Strike Solutions:
  • Life and Disability Intelligent Aggregation Model—Minimum 10%, Average 25% Savings (savings typically hit the bottom line within 90-120 days)
  • Dental and Vision—5%-12% Savings (savings typically hit the bottom line within 90-120 days)
  • Pharmacy—12% to 18% Savings (savings typically hit the bottom line in conjunction with the contract period)
Long-Term, Substantial Savings Opportunities:
  • Life and Disability HEBA Trust—Unique premium credit eligible program with average return on Life: 44%, LTD: 15%, STD: 5%
  • MET Dental Trust—Unique program offering premium credits ranging from 5-14%