Swedish Hospital

Supporting Recovery for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual assault have acute medical, dental and mental healthcare needs. Access to comprehensive services and trained, sensitive providers can make a huge difference in their physical and emotional recovery. Swedish Hospital is enhancing its services and training with a $950,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Swedish Hospital is one of eight organizations nationwide to receive a grant. Hospitals leaders will use the two-year funding to:

  • Support its Violence Prevention Program;
  • Train 1,000 clinicians;
  • Expand its team of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners; and
  • Connect survivors with services like safe transportation or shelter.

Recent renovations to Swedish Hospital’s emergency department included a special area for sexual assault survivors with a restroom and private shower. The hospital has also partnered with organizations that support survivors, including Apna Ghar, Between Friends, Salvation Army STOP-IT, Resilience and the Lincoln Police District.

“At [Swedish Hospital] we know that survivors of these forms of violence are often hesitant to seek [care] for fear that they will not be understood,” said Kate Lawler, director of the hospital’s Violence Prevention Program. “We are building this program on the wisdom of survivors who know best how a healthcare system can make them feel welcome, safe and supported.”