ABE Partner Portal Report of Birth is Live

September 9, 2019


ABE Partner Portal Report of Birth is Live

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) has issued a notice to HFS Hospital Providers that the Report of Birth functionality in the Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) Partner Portal is now live.  This new functionality allows hospital staff to report the birth of a newborn when the mother is a Medicaid recipient.

All hospital staff, including contract staff, who are responsible for assisting with patient insurance issues should review the Report of Birth Training prior to creating an account on the ABE site to avoid account creation errors.  An Account must be created at ABE.Illinois.gov before you can use this new functionality.  Before reporting a newborn birth via the ABE Partner Portal, hospitals must first verify that the mother was eligible for an applicable category of assistance on the date of birth.  Do not submit a report of birth if the mother does not have active medical coverage in MEDI.  If the mother is eligible but in a category of assistance not listed above, such as spenddown, the newborn is not deemed eligible and a full application must be submitted for the child.  In addition, do not report a suffix in the last name field (e.g., Sr., Jr., II) as it will cause delays in adding the newborn and assigning a Recipient Identification Number (RIN).

The notice includes frequently asked questions.  Please refer to the notice for more detailed information.  Any questions or problems encountered when creating an ABE Partner Portal account or using the new functionality can be sent to HFS.ABEpartnerportal@illinois.gov.