June 8 Data Deadline re: Remdesivir Distribution

June 2, 2020

For the next distribution of Remdesivir, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) is requesting that hospitals submit data by 7 p.m. CDT, Monday, June 8.  Hospitals should log on to the COVID-19 web portal at https://teletracking.protect.hhs.gov, using the same login information previously used to provide year-to-date coronavirus-related admissions. Once logged in, you will be asked to provide: the number of currently hospitalized coronavirus patients, and of those admissions, the number in an intensive care unit. Hospitals should record these values as of June 1, or the date they are submitting, prior to the June 8 deadline.

For more information, see HHS’ updated letter and FAQ.