SwedishAmerican Health System, Rockford

At its two hospitals in the Rockford area, UW Health System’s dedicated and caring staff prioritizes patient safety every day. In fact, they have received a Patient Satisfaction Award from Arbor and Associates.

Staff safety is also a priority. To reduce violence, hostility and threats, in September 2017, SwedishAmerican launched a workplace safety program.

In support of the initiative, UW Health invested $72,000 in implementation and training, which included:

  • Security codes to delicately and efficiently address situations;
  • Developing the Purple Hand Project to help staff identify and report violent events; handle and prevent volatility; and deescalate potentially violent situations;
  • Develop an early warning system to alert staff entering a patient’s room that there is the potential for a violent event based on past experiences with the patient or family; and
  • Enforce a “one and done” policy to prohibit a violent visitor from returning.

These actions help improve patient and staff safety, as well as the quality of care.