Our Community

Community engagement widens the possibilities for care improvement. These resources feature best practices for strengthening partnerships and integrating diverse perspectives to your planning.

A Strategy for Building Health Communities and Promoting Health through Policy Change

In this report from University of California, Berkeley, community-based research culminates in lessons and best practices for advancing health equity and building healthier communities.

AHA: Building Hospital-Community Partnerships: Leveraging strengths to improve community health

By following the principles of partnership set forth in this population health resource, organizations can leverage strengths to improve community health. 

AHA’s Creating Effective Hospital/Community Partnerships to Build a Culture of Health

Researchers conducted 50 interviews with healthcare providers and community leaders, revealing lessons and best practices in identifying and addressing community health needs. Read AHA's report. 

AHA’s Playbook of Fostering Hospital-Community Partnerships to Build a Culture of Health

As AHA notes, "Building a Culture of Health means creating a society that gives all individuals an equal opportunity to leave the healthiest life they can." See AHA's framework to get started, 

CDC's Health Equity Guide: Meaningful Community Engagement in Health and Equity

This four-page resource features proven guidelines to support community health inititaives—plus discussion questions for reflection and strategizing within your organization.

Chicago’s HEAL Initiative

Hospital Engagement, Action and Leadership is a bold, three-year initiative to reduce violence and improve health through neighborhood engagement. Read the report.

Child Welfare Information Gateway: Community-Based Resources: Keystone to the System of Care

What is a community-based approach? Learn more about services and support in the context of child and youth welfar. 

DePaul University: What is Asset Based Community Development

Asset-based community development has five key assets: individuals, associations, institutions, physical assets and connections. Get more information in this four-page resource.

Healthcare Anchor Network: Community Investment Checklist

Complete this basic assessment to gauge your institution's progress in improving community health—and idenitfy key steps to take going forward. 

Healthy Chicago 2025

The Chicago Department of Public Health presents findings from the recent community health assessment and a five-year framework for action.

Principles to Consider for the Implementation of a Community Health Needs Assessment Process

The George Washington University's resource aims to support implementation of the Affordable Care Act's community health needs assessment provisions applicable to certain hospitals.

Societal Factors that Influence Health: A Framework for Hospitals from AHA

Looking to enact meaningful change at the individual, community and system level? This two-page flyer is a great starting point for refining your hospital-based strategy.

WHO: Community Engagement for Quality, Integrated, People-Centered and Resilient Health Services

WHO views public health challenges through a global lens. Review resources for using community parternships to improve quality of services, access to care and health equity.