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From employee engagement and trainings to pay equity audits, diversity and inclusion efforts start with your teams. Use these resources to identify opportunities for improvement and discussion.  

4 Ways Health Care Organizations Can Utilize the Implicit Association Test (IAT)

Interactions between healthcare providers and patients can be complex. Assess your own viewpoints by taking the Implicit Association Test, offered by AHA's Institute for Diversity and Health Equity.

A Practical Guide to Implementing the National CLAS Standards

In this toolkit, CMS explores culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) standards. Organizations can use its strategies to improve equity and reduce disparities.

AHA: Becoming a Culturally Competent Health Care Organization

Cultural competence is imperative in healthcare. AHA's report includes background context, educational principles, case studies and more.

AHA: Next Generation Health Workforce & Workplace

Get tips on adapting your workplace to today's needs. This is the second installment in a series of reports called, "The State of Diversity & Inclusion in the Healthcare Industry."

AHA: Recruiting for a Diverse Health Care Board

Why is board diversity so important? AHA explains and offers key steps to ensure board composition reflects community demographics.

AHA's Health Equity Resource Series: Training and the Culture of Learning

This toolkit from AHA's Institute for Diversity and Health Equity includes training and education strategies to encourage cultural awareness and overcome unconscious bias.

American Academy of Family Physicians's Implicit Bias Facilitator Guide and Associated Activities

Implicit bias is often the least obvious but most devastating social determinant of health outcomes, according to this report. Learn about gaps in medical education, training goals and more.

Oct 01, 2023

ASHRM: Recognizing and Managing Bias in the Ambulatory Health Care Setting

This white paper from the American Society for Health Care Risk Management assists healthcare organizations and risk managers with exploring the impact of bias on care delivery and patient safety.

Conscious & Unconscious Biases in Health Care

Looking to address and reduce unconscious bias? This course, offered by Georgetown University's National Center for Cultural Competence, offers an array of innovative activities., 

Lucidchart Blog: A Guide to Pay Equity Analysis

Human resources departments can take active measures to enforce pay equity within their workplaces. This blog post will help you get started.

The Society for Human Resource Management: The Importance of Pay Equity

Conducting pay audits is a critical way to assess your organization's compensation policies. Get more context and best practices in this article from HR Magazine.