Fairfield Memorial Hospital

Healthcare Heroes: No Mountain High Enough


For the healthcare heroes at Fairfield Memorial Hospital, six feet of distance just means more space to dance.

“It just dawned upon us,” said CEO Katherine Bunting-Williams, PhD, RN, LNHA. “There’s really no mountain high enough or no valley low enough that would ever stop us from taking great care of our patients and our community’s health.”

Cue Marvin Gaye.

The critical access hospital shared to Facebook a video of its healthcare heroes dancing to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” while disinfecting surfaces and staffing their outdoor respiratory clinic. Are they lip syncing to the classic soul song behind their masks and face shields? We hope so.

The commitment of Fairfield Memorial’s healthcare heroes has not gone unnoticed. Bunting-Williams narrated a second video expressing the hospital’s gratitude: “FMH appreciates all the hard work that our staff has put into maintaining disaster readiness during this national emergency.”

To protect staff, the hospital screens everyone who enters the doors and practices enhanced sanitation. Hospital leaders contracted with a laundering service to wash scrubs, thus saving the healthcare heroes precious time at home.

“We have the same common goal,” Bunting-Williams said, “to improve the lives of those we serve.”
Since 1950, Fairfield Memorial Hospital has served the people of Wayne County, located in the “Little Egypt” region of Illinois.