Galesburg Cottage Hospital

Healthcare Heroes: The Thin Red Line

In moments of calm, a two-foot wooden plaque of an American flag inspires the healthcare heroes at Galesburg Cottage Hospital. As they braced for COVID-19, the heroes were surprised and touched to receive the anonymous gift. The twist? It was adorned with a thin red line for nurses.

“This poignant and timely gift now proudly hangs in our hospital lobby,” said CEO Bob Moore, FACHE. “It reminds all who enter our doors how great this nation is and how honored [we] are to be called into action.”

A “thin red line” can represent two things:

  • The last ounce of courage first responders summon in times of crisis
  • A team holding strong against a threat or attack

Both apply to the healthcare heroes of Galesburg Cottage Hospital, who began caring for COVID-19 patients in mid-April. As confirmed cases grew in Knox County—roughly 200 miles southwest of Chicago—the hospital’s patient volume and acuity level changed by the hour.

The hospital was ready, thanks to advanced planning by its Incident Command Team.

“As healthcare workers, we pursued this profession to help people,” Mr. Moore said. “In the days that come, we stand ready to do just that.”