Moving Healthy Ahead

Illinois healthcare leaders want you to know hospitals are safe. They’ve taken extra precautions so you can feel confident receiving care during COVID-19. Put your health first by scheduling delayed procedures and preventive care.


Providing Safe Care During COVID-19

Good health matters most. Many Illinoisans have put off needed healthcare because of concerns about COVID-19. Hospitals across the state understand those concerns. They are going above and beyond to ensure you receive care in a safe environment.

  • Mandatory mask requirements
  • Symptom and temperature checks upon entering the hospital
  • Social distancing in waiting areas
  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Separate units to care for COVID-19 patients

Health screenings, physician visits and preventive care are so critical to your health. If a needed surgery was postponed, get back to your health by rescheduling it. Also, don’t delay when you need emergency care. Illinois hospitals are committed to providing safe care during the pandemic.


Putting off needed care can worsen conditions and lead to complications. See the impact of COVID-19 on maintaining good health. Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Family Foundation

42% drop in emergency department visits, Mar 29-Apr 25, 2020 vs. Mar 21-Apr 27, 2019
48% say someone in their family has skipped or delayed medical care due to COVID-19
11% say their family member’s condition worsened due to missed care