Get Vaccinated, Get Back to Normal

Together, we have the power to end the pandemic. Get the facts about COVID-19 vaccines from healthcare leaders across Illinois. Watch our video and join in—because there’s unity in immunity.

There’s Strength in Numbers

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Household Pulse Survey, Feb. 17 – March 1

60% Illinoisans will definitely get vaccinated
56% ages 40-54 will definitely get vaccinated
52% ages 25-39 will definitely get vaccinated

Get the Facts: COVID-19 Vaccines

How can our lives get back to normal? Vaccines are a big part of it. By now, most of us know someone who’s been vaccinated: family, friends, coworkers and essential workers like nurses and physicians. They’re choosing to get back to normal—and so can you.


Vaccines Save Lives

There’s a lot of information about COVID-19 vaccines on the internet. Here's what we know for sure: the approved vaccines are safe and effective.

Have you heard that vaccines change your DNA? Or that you have to pay to get vaccinated? Those are just a couple myths about the vaccines.

  • Separate fact from fiction to feel confident about getting vaccinated. See IHA’s COVID-19 Vaccines Myths Fact Sheet in English or Spanish.
  • Learn more about the vaccines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Let's Get to Herd Immunity

It’s a common question online: “What is herd immunity?” Here’s what it means:

  • When more of us are vaccinated against COVID-19, the protection we have against infection at a certain point protects the entire community from infection.
  • It’s estimated that 70-85% of individuals in a community need to be protected from COVID-19 to protect the entire community. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and your community.


We need to reach herd immunity to get past the pandemic and return to normal life. That’s what “There’s Unity In Immunity” is all about.


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