Maryanne Miller, MD, is physician leader for Mercyhealth’s hospitalists at Javon Bea Hospital—Rockton and Riverside. She worked with nursing to design the COVID-19 unit, where the majority of COVID-19 patients were managed during the early spring, while also working as the physician provider for many of these patients.

During the second surge, the hospital is again overfilled with critically ill patients. Dr. Miller has collaborated with nursing and ICU intensivists to provide alternate care models to stretch their limited resources. She can always be counted on to offer workable solutions and continues to do this every day.

Special note: Governor Pritzker recognized Dr. Miller in his Nov. 25 COVID-19 briefing.

Javon Bea Hospital serves residents of the Rockford region as part of Mercyhealth, which is headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin.