Sinai Chicago

The unsung heroes at Sinai Chicago have dedicated countless hours to caring for patients amid COVID-19.

    Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago

    • Ivana Dobras, RN, ICU, is a resource to all. A fierce advocate for patients and other nurses, she never backs down from a challenge. Dobras valiantly ran the floor at a time when COVID-19 patients occupied the entire ICU and stayed strong for her team.
    • Brittanie Herrera, Floor Nurse, became a charge nurse in the midst of the crisis. When patients' conditions suddenly turned from mild to critical, Herrera was there for them. A dedicated problem solver, she has taken on extra work without complaint.
    • Lisa Russell, MD, Infectious Disease, led a webinar to help surrounding communities and businesses prepare for the many challenges of the pandemic. At the start of the crisis, when fear was abundant, she shared her expertise to educate and assist staff across the entire health system.

    Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital, Chicago

    Schwab had the first frontline nursing caregivers to provide rehab to COVID survivors after the spring surge. At the time, little was known about the virus, but these heroes helped each patient recover and return home:

    • Elizabeth Landor
    • Jose Martinez
    • Dewana Powell
    • Bose Okundaye

    Sinai Medical Group, Cicero

    • Josue Nunez, NP, Nurse Practitioner at Sinai Medical Group, volunteered to cover shifts at Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago during the COVID-19 surge. He has shown great committment and willingness to pitch in during difficult times, while continuing to support his outpatients.

    Sinai Chicago serves residents on the city's west and southwest sides. The system has three hospitals, including a rehabilitation hospital, as well as research and social services programs.